Q. I'm flying in from outside of Utah. What travel times do you suggest?

See the Transportation tab of our Accommodations page for all the details on our new Airport Shuttle and Lodging Option. It’s never been easier or more affordable to attend LMF from anywhere in the world!

For more information on traveling from out of state contact Festival Manager Anne Boyer at LyceumMusicFestival@gmail.com

Q. I live in Northern Utah, is there a shuttle service to get to Zion?

See the Transportation tab of our Accommodations page for all the info. A complimentary shuttle is provided leaving from American Fork Utah.

Q. Who can attend?

Musicians ages 14-21 that play an orchestral instrument at an advanced level are invited to seek admission. You can send in a recorded audition or sign up for a live audition. See Getting Started

Q. Am I a good enough player to attend LMF?

We encourage all students 14-21 who practice regularly and take private lessons to audition. There is no way to determine skill without an audition. We require the same ability level as All-State Orchestra or “Superior Rating” at State Solo & Ensemble. Many students who participate in these programs receive invitation letters without having to take an audition.

Q. How does the registration and payment work?

Do not register and pay if you have not been accepted either by audition, invitation, or are returning from a previous year. At the time of registration you must pay the tuition in whole or make a non-refundable deposit of $150 to save your spot. The remainder is due by May 31st and will be charged to the credit card on file. Those who prefer to make alternate payment arrangements may contact 1-800-921-8752. See Tuition & Fees for details.

Q. How do I redeem my scholarship?

Included with each scholarship award is a scholarship code. Click on the “Scholarship Code?” link on the bottom of the On-line Registration page to enter the code included with your award. Once you enter the code, this will bring up a new payment option that indicates the reduced tuition amount. Select “1” in the dropbox to accept the scholarship and continue through registration. Be aware that admission is limited and that a scholarship award does not guaranteed a seat in the Festival. Once a particular instrument category is filled registration is closed for that instrument regardless of award.

Q. How do I know if my instrument has availability for the week I want to attend?

We will update the “Instrument Availability” tab of the Admissions page as instrument availability is filled. If for whatever reason an applicant registers for an instrument that has no availability, a refund will be provided. Available spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q. What are my options for food and lodging?

Standard tuition rates include lodging with check in on Monday and checkout Saturday morning. Families may checkout students following the concert on Friday evening as desired. Meals are provided beginning with dinner on Monday through breakfast on Saturday. Participants wishing to make their own lodging arrangements with Zion’s Ponderosa receive a $200 discount but are responsible for their own lodging and breakfast. Zion Ponderosa offers many options including tents, cabins, homes, RV sites, and more. We strongly encourage those making such arrangements to do so as early as possible. This is peak season for Zion Ponderosa.

Q. How are orchestra seating or solo parts determined?

Students will be provided audition excerpts with their sheet music and will be required to submit a recording of the outlined excerpts no later than July 15th. Based on these excerpts students will be seated prior to arriving at the Festival.

Q. When will I get the sheet music?

Some music is available for download now on our Student Resources page. Participants will be emailed sheet music with specific instructions on creating a three-ring binder of music that will work ideally for the outdoor venue where we perform. Your music download will contain your sheet music including bowings and fingerings where appropriate, and audition excerpts. Wind, brass. and percussion may receive multiple parts and are asked to prepare both parts depending on their placement. 

Q. I have a disability. Can I still attend?

Yes, pending audition. Contact the Festival Manager Anne Boyer via email at LyceumMusicFestival@gmail.com to work out the details.

Q. What should I bring to the Festival?

Here’s a good list for starters:

  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable and modest rehearsal clothing. The weather averages 80 degrees but you may need a jacket for the evening. 
  • Swimming suit for the pool and pizza party.
  • Spending money for the gift shops and restaurants.
  • Everything you need to sound your best – instrument, mutes, rosin, extra reeds, extra strings, etc.
  • Concert Attire – white tuxedo shirt, black bowtie, and black slacks for men, modest black dress or black skirt with white or black blouse for women.
  • Water bottle, hiking shoes, sun block, personal toiletries, pajamas, a good book. 
  • A sleeping bag and pillow for Friday Night. Sheets and blankets are provided by Resort Mon-Thurs nights.
Q. What should I not bring to the Festival?

Thank you for not bringing:

  • Game systems (Nintendo DS)
  • DVD players
  • Movies or DVDs
  • Laptop Computers
  • Immodest clothing
Q. What is the cancellation policy?

The $150 deposit is non-refundable. Participants with a doctor’s note can be refunded the balance of tuition and food & lodging expenses prior to June 1. After June 1st no refunds can be made.

Q. Can I change my status to receive the Family Lodging Discount after registration?

Prior to May 31st students may adjust their registration to receive the Family Lodging Discount. Email Festival Manager Anne Boyer at LyceumMusicFestival@gmail.com

Q. Who can I contact if my question is not answered here?

Contact Festival Manager Anne Boyer or Music Director Kayson Brown at LyceumMusicFestival@gmail.com.

“Loved, loved, LOVED it here!”

"Growing up as a young cellist in Utah, this is the music camp I wished would have existed for me. I hope you leave inspired and motivated to practice all year!" - Kayson Brown

“Growing up as a young cellist in Utah, this is the music camp I wished would have existed for me. I hope you leave inspired and motivated to practice all year!”
– Kayson Brown

Majestic Zion National Park

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