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The Lyceum Music Festival is set just outside Zion National Park; one the most stunning and unique destinations in all of nature. More than 3 million visitors flock to this natural miracle carved in sandstone each year. Tucked away from the distractions of everyday life, LMF students are immersed in the perfect musical environment to develop their talents, broaden their horizons, and make friends to last a lifetime!


Meals are provided beginning with dinner on Monday through breakfast on Saturday. Lunches are served for all in Ray’s Restaurant. Breakfasts and dinners vary depending on activities and lodging options. Students with special dietary needs must make that known in the appropriate field at registration. Food is also available on site for purchase.


LMF is hosted at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort on the edge of Zion National Park. Participants of the same gender are assigned to staff chaperones and housed in Mountain Homes, Cabin Suites, The Ranch House or Moose LodgeAll participants lodge at the Resort with check-in at 1 pm on Monday and checkout Friday at 10 am. Following the concert on Friday evening students are either released to parents or lodge at the OC Tanner Amphitheater. Participants wishing to take advantage of the Family Lodging Discount may make their own lodging arrangements at Zion Ponderosa Ranch and receive a $200 price reduction. See the Tuition & Fees page for more details. Zion Ponderosa offers families many accommodation options including tent camping, RV sites, luxury vacation homes and more!

Included Transportation

Shuttle transportation is included with tuition to and from Zion Ponderosa departing from and returning to American Heritage School (736 N. 1100 E. American Fork, Utah). Students not riding the American Fork shuttle are responsible for their own transportation to and from Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort (see directions). All transportation to Festival activities during Festival week are provided for all participants. Airport shuttle service and additional lodging accommodations are available to students flying into Salt Salt Lake International Airport for an additional expense. See the Airport Shuttle and Lodging Option below for more information.

Travel tips: Google Maps does not quite direct you all the way to Zion Ponderosa Resort Ranch. Please do not depend on a GPS to get you all the way to the ranch. Plan your travel to Zion Ponderosa carefully as some routes require you to travel through Zion National Park canyon which can add substantial travel time and expense. Single car entrance to Zion National Park is $30 and entrance wait times in August can be in excess of 45 minutes. See detailed travel directions here if traveling on your own.

Airport Shuttle & Lodging Option – $99

Participating in LMF has never been easier for students flying into Salt Lake International Airport. LMF has hosted musicians from nearly every state in the country as well as many traveling from Europe, Canada, and South America. For an additional $99, the Festival provides shuttle service to and from the airport as well as lodging for Sunday, Aug. 5th and Saturday, August 11th. Festival staff meet arriving participants at the airport and shuttle them to homes where our staff provide supervision, transportation, and a welcoming, safe environment for the arriving musicians.

The LMF Airport Shuttle departs Salt Lake International Airport at 7:30 PM on Sunday, August 8th and returns participants to the airport at 9:30 AM on Sunday, August 12th. Please allow time for check-in and security, and schedule your flights accordingly. Email Festival Manager Anne Boyer with questions about travel accommodations at LyceumMusicFestival@gmail.com.

To enroll for the Airport Shuttle Option click here.

Travel Tips: Contact Summerhays Music or email us if you would like to arrange to rent an instrument for the week. Bass players have found this service especially useful. Salt Lake International Airport is a major hub for Delta Airlines and serves all major airline carriers.


Each participant is assigned to a staff chaperone for the week. Staff play in rehearsals side-by-side with the students, help musicians with their parts, enforce festival standards, and generally help the participants assigned to them to be safe and successful. Students are required to dress modestly, a 10:30 PM curfew is strictly enforced, and Lyceum Music Festival espouses very high moral standards of conduct for all participants.

Standards and Expectations

Students and parents are expected to be respectful of all participants, staff and faculty at all times. This includes attending rehearsals prepared and on time, being willing to help other students to be better musicians, and being respectful of religious practices and standards of all participants. Lyceum Music Festival is sponsored by American Heritage School, an LDS-oriented institution. We believe in encouraging all participants to openly practice their religious beliefs, and we do not proselyte or discriminate based on religious affiliation.

Participants are expected to conduct themselves on and off the Festival premises in accordance with the following standards.

  1. Treat all students, adults, and property with respect.
  2. Be honest and truthful in all dealings.
  3. Accept corrections respectfully.
  4. Display a positive attitude.
  5. Dress modestly and appropriately for all LMF activities.
  6. Refrain from the use of profanity or other vulgar or offensive language, including taking the name of Deity in vain.
  7. Do not access pornography, vulgar or offensive media in any form, via any medium, including through mobile devices or computers.
  8. Do not use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products. Medications in the possession of a student must be registered on the on-line enrollment form approved by the legal parent of guardian.
  9. Physical and social interaction must be respectful and above reproach at all times.  Do not engage in inappropriate public or private displays of physical romantic affection.
  10. Participants not in their rooms at curfew check will receive a warning on the first offense and be dismissed on the second offense. Do not leave the room after curfew check except in the case of an emergency.