Festival Activities

Orchestra Rehearsal

Over 15 hours during the week is spent in orchestra rehearsal both with and without the guest artists. Faculty and staff sit side-by-side with students as we take apart and put back together some of the most imaginative, accessible, and amazing music ever written for orchestra!


Students get instrument-specific feedback from professional symphony musicians in four 90-minute sectionals held throughout the week. Sectional coaches attend rehearsal with the students so they know exactly how to address the individual needs of each section. This is where the rubber really meets the road and students are given the chance to work closely with some amazing career musicians.


Zion’s National Park was ranked as the 6th most visited national park in the country. It is home to some of the most extraordinary plateaus and slot canyons in the world. As a group, we will be hiking Observation Point. This is the highest point in Zion’s National Park, actually looking down on the very popular Angel’s Landing and Three Patriarchs ascents. From the base of the canyon Observation Point ascends 2,100 feet! Thankfully, we will be approaching it from Zion’s Ponderosa which sits at the top of the plateau. From our drop off point it is an easy 3 mile hike with next to no elevation change. Participants will have opportunities for a variety of hikes in Zion’s National Park on Thursday including a group excursion to hidden pools and waterfalls.


At Lyceum Music Festival we understand that friends are what make music fun! Between the hard work of orchestra and sectional rehearsals students have ample time to enjoy the amenities of Zion Ponderosa including multiple swimming pools, hot tubs, waterslides, campfires at night, a 40 ft high climbing wall, ping-pong, pool, zip lines, ATV rental, horseback riding, basketball & tennis courts, sand volleyball, and more. You will need to come back year after year to do it all.